• Armor – If you need to make sure your device is solid and protected against even the harshest falls, Spigen’s Armor cases are what you want.
  • Hybrid – A mix between style and security, the Hybrid Spigen case will protect your phone against most falls and accidents, but not be as bulky as the Armor.
  • Liquid – Spigen’s Liquid line provides cases with a small amount of protection, which is perfect if you’re not worried about wear and tear but still want something less slippery than the phone to grip. Some Liquid cases are clear too, so you can see the original phone color underneath.
  • Thin Fit / Air – Similar to the Liquid, the Thin Fit fits snugly around the phone but provides slightly lesser protection than the Liquid. It’s mainly for protection against scratches.
  • Wallet – No mystery on this one — this is a Spigen case that can double as a wallet! The Wallet gives your phone some protection while offering a flap to put credit and ID cards in.

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